Ultimate Patio ‘21 Starter Pack

Ultimate Patio ‘21 Starter Pack

A patio installed by Virginia Beach patios elevates your outdoor living space entirely. We are happy to also provide products that enhance the patios we install. Our team sat down and came up with a list of best products to best augment your patio.

Top Ten Products (to enhance your patio)

  1. Toja Grid Pergola Kits - https://tojagrid.com/collections/kits

These pergolas are an economic way to add a sheltered space to your patio. They come in a variety of designs and color schemes to match the existing aesthetic of your patio. With an installation under 60 minutes, these are a quick and inexpensive way to add value to your outdoor space.

2. Primo Smoker - https://www.primogrill.com/

Did you know that these are the ONLY ceramic grills manufactured in America? The history of the founder, George Samaras, is equally impressive. As a Greek immigrant, he experienced his first Thanksgiving feasting on a smoked turkey. He was inspired to create his own smoker, the Primo Smoker. The flavor of smoked meats and veggies is unbeatable. Virginia Beach Patios carries several Primo models to meet all of your grilling needs.

3. Hideaway Screens https://hideawayscreen.com/

For your own hideaway, these easy to install screens come in a variety of designs. Made out of aluminum with a powder coat finish, they are a sleek addition to your space. They can be used with aluminum or wood posts and come in white or black. Installing a Hideaway Screen is an easy way to add privacy and dimension to your space.

4. Putting Greens -https://www.goputtking.com/

Nothing we do at Virginia Beach Patios is sub par, and neither is this putting green. Improve your game or just putt around!

5. In-Lite Products https://in-lite.com/global/lighting-plan

Arguably one of the most important features to your space is lighting. Oftentimes, customers take for granted the importance of the right light. Lighting, other than functionality, creates a powerful atmosphere in your space. Lighting can provide appropriate contrast and intensity to highlight the features of your outdoor space. At Virginia Beach Patios, we can help you come up with the best lighting plan. This is an essential product for your patio.