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Design Ideas for Small Patios

Many homeowners struggle with a small patio. Not everyone has a large open field for a backyard and designing a small area may feel daunting. Fortunately, there are plenty of options and techniques to make the most of your space. Whether you’re looking to save money or go all out, we’ve got the basics down for you.

Paver patios with fire pit and custom wood pergola
custom wood pergola

Before we dive into furniture or big additions, a well maintained landscape is decoration in itself. Neat flower beds, freshly mowed grass, and a pressure washed patio will be a head turner no matter the size. Take the time to pluck those weeds out, water those plants, and shape out those hedges!

As a small patio, furniture can easily make the area feel more cramped. The solution is positioning furniture pieces in a way that elongates or opens up the space. Pick out furniture that is sleek in design and not too bulky, and don’t block pathways or entrances. Less is more, but you don’t need to be frugal! Coordinating colors and matching sets keep everything cohesive. If you’re not sure where to start, Virginia Beach Patios offers furniture design service to our clients who may not be so savvy. You can also check out our pinterest for some inspiration.

A great addition to a small backyard is a fire pit. A well positioned fire pit with surrounding seating is efficient for entertaining and time with family and friends, even in a small space. Virginia Beach Patios has installed many fire pits, from wood burning to gas. Fire pits are a common small project for those looking to dip into backyard renovation. Grab some adirondack chairs, pillows, and cozy up by the fire!

Ready for something a little more? A paver walkway can draw curb appeal to your front porch or create a path towards your backyard. Stop by the showroom to compare samples and coordinate colors that would compliment you and your home. Stepping stones and artificial turf are also great options to brighten up a tight, cramped space. Our ln-Lite lighting display can show you just how much of a difference illumination can make!

Simply put, a small space can pack a big punch, whether it’s a big change or just a new sofa set. There are endless possibilities and we are here to help! Call us at (757) 305-4000 to get started or check out our contact page for more.

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