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Extend Your Patio Season

Create an Extraordinary Patio You Can Use All Year by Adding a Fire Feature Homeowners around the world are quickly realizing how easy it is to bring the indoors outside, so that they can enjoy nature while they are relaxing or entertaining family and friends. If you have been contemplating creating a new patio space, but have been holding off, we must ask why? We hope that you are not holding off due to thinking that it is not worth it since you cannot use it throughout the year. That couldn’t be further from the truth! Whenever we have a client tell us this, we always offer up the solution of adding a fire feature like a fire pit or an outdoor fireplace. Not only do these options offer warmth on those cooler days and nights of the year, they also add a different ambiance to the space, as well as a focal point. Virginia Beach Patios

The first thing that we recommend is deciding which type of fire feature you want for your patio. This may not be as easy of a decision as you may think. We recommend considering how many people you want to fit near the space, as well as how much room you have to put your dream fire pit or outdoor fireplace. Once you decide which option will work best for you, you will have the difficult choice of whether you want to purchase one that is already made or if you want to design one that will be unique to you. While we love the fire pits and outdoor fireplaces that have been manufactured, we prefer to design and build them ourselves using natural stone or manufactured hardscape materials.

By creating your own, you can add features that you will use the most, while also creating a unique piece that will instantly turn into a focal point that works as a wonderful conversation starter. One of our favorite designs has been a round fire pit surrounded by seating walls on two sides of the circle. Another favorite that we have done is an outdoor fireplace that has a matching wood storage unit attached. You will be amazed at how many choices you have available when it comes to designing your own fire feature for your patio. You can choose the materials that you love the most, as well as the shape, color, and size. Once everything is completed, and you are sitting out in front of a roaring fire on a cool evening, you will wonder why you didn’t construct this space much sooner.

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