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Gas or Wood Burning?

The popularity of fire pits being included in an outdoor living space has greatly increased over the past few years. They are great for cool nights any season and allow you to take advantage of the outdoors all year long! Fire pits have become much more affordable and a definite must have for any home. There is something to consider, though, besides design and where to put your outdoor fire pit, that is natural gas or wood burning?

Wood-burning fire pits


• Fires may be as BIG or as small as you desire

• Affordable upfront cost to install

• Enhanced ambiance


• Smell of burning wood (not everyone loves!)

• Starting a fire takes effort and sometimes can take time

• An area is needed to store wood

• The cost of constantly buying wood can add up

Gas-powered fire pits


• Quick start-up and no worrying about burning embers

• Adds relaxing ambiance with very little effort

• No campfire odor on hands or clothes


• Much smaller fires

• Installation cost upfront is considerably higher than wood burning fire pits.

Overall, installing a fire pit, wood burning or gas, is a great investment to your home and can provide entertainment and warmth throughout the year.


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