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Digitally Divine

Looking at your backyard or outdoor space right now, what do you see? Is it everything you want it to be, or is it missing something? Maybe you have decided that you are open to committing to a patio and perhaps a new container pool. Maybe you'd like to add a few water and fire features to your space. The lighting is not illuminating enough at night and there is nowhere to sit comfortably while sheltered from the sun. You know you’d love to read in that far corner next to the oak and most certainly sit with a glass of wine under some twinkling lights hanging from your pergola- as well as those dangling in the sky. You can see the potential, and you know what you want. You just need to ask.

Do not be afraid to tell us what you want. You are in excellent hands with Virginia Beach Patios.

Just perusing through our digital renderings displayed on our Instagram, you can see the level of detail that is put into the design process for our customers. Our talented team member, Kyle Shea, creates these spectacular digital renderings. If you are wondering how to get started with your own project, keep reading to get a glimpse of what we put into helping you design your space.

Kyle sat down with us to share how his designs are created:

How does the design process begin?

The design process starts with a good conversation with the client about two major components; the customer's goals and how the space is going to be utilized. What’s the space going to be used for? Is it a place to relax, party, entertain, that sort of thing? How people want to utilize the patio is a big part of how I’ll want to design it.

What are some major considerations?

Once we determine the goals of a project I like to figure out any “must haves” for the area. This could be a certain layout, certain features the client is interested in or a budget to stay under.

How do you account for future improvements to the space?

Now that the goals and the “must haves” are established, I determine a “wishlist” of items or features that may or may not make it into the final layout but could possibly be added in the future. The cherry on top type features.

How do you create the digital renderings?

With this information I can start to design a layout for the area. I use a bird’s eye view or a Google Earth photo of the area and draw out a rough design. Once I figure out a good idea of the layout, I start the rendering process.

The rendering software allows me to create shapes in 2D and the program converts it into 3D. There are usually about 200 shapes or items in a single rendering. Each plant, light, fixture, building, pool, and so on is individually inserted to the design.

When should someone request a digital rendering?

Someone should request a digital rendering when they are serious about the design/build process. It gives the clients the reassurance they need for projects that might be hard to visualize. It is a great tool to help understand exactly what to expect before we even break ground on the project.

Kyle and our team thoroughly plan out every aspect of the project. The thought that goes into each project is extensive. We offer a design package that includes 6-8 stills of your project and one fly-through video. Once you purchase the renderings, they are yours to keep-contract free; however, if we are the hardscape company for you, you will be refunded your final invoice.

Designing your space with Virginia Beach Patios is fulfilling. We highly recommend digital rendering for every project.

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