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Please Contain Your Excitement

A dad, or any parent or guardian that is able to gift their family a pool is one that has successfully managed to thwart any more requests or complaints about the inadequacy of their backyard. It was the most popular request from my brother and me and was also the source of many arguments about perceived competency and shared responsibility of household chores. Much like the “we are old enough to have a puppy” argument, the “we will absolutely clean the pool” argument did not hold much water, unfortunately for us.

Today, there are more options for pools than ever and if I were trying to convince my dad to get a pool now (true story), I would lead with specs that would be hard for him to resist. He would receive a copy of PowerPoint featuring an energy efficient pool that uses an ultraviolet light sanitation system. A pool that can be controlled by his cell phone and one that has been recycled. Yes, recycled. He would not be able to contain his excitement-I can tell because at this point he would have one eyebrow raised indicating his interest has been *slightly* piqued.

“So, you are asking me to install a container pool?”

Yes, dad. Container pools are here at Virginia Beach Patios and we have the scoop here for your very own persuasive Powerpoint.

You have probably seen container homes all over HGTV (we have also been on HGTV by the way) and their trendiness with those trying to live minimally has become increasingly popular. Conversely, the container pool is anything but minimalist in terms of style, yet still is environmentally friendly.

With the ability to be installed above ground, in ground, or on a roof, the design potential is unfettered. Container pools can be customized with various additions, including but not limited to a 4 x 8 window built into the side of the pool, swim jets, safety covers, color customization, a pool deck and LED lights.

Don’t be fooled by the photos, these containers are bigger than they look and come in sizes that range in length from 20 to 40 feet, width from 8-12 feet, and depths of 4.5’, 6.5’ and 8 feet.

So, please? Can we get a container pool? We would be the first people on our street to get one! Can you imagine the look on Aunt Karen’s face when she finds out we are getting one?! I already told my friends, though…

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