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Product Spotlight K-Bana

¡Bienvenidos a Miami!? No! Bienvenidos (welcome) to your very own backyard resort with an addition of an Azenco K-Bana Pergola to your outdoor space. These cabanas are permitless, elegant, and essential to enjoying your backyard escape. Cabanas are a great place to relax while being sheltered from the elements regardless if you have a pool.

What is a cabana? The history of the cabana dates back to Roman times and bath house culture. Romans were accustomed to marvelous bath houses with indoor pools where they would bathe communally as a part of socialization. As time progressed, concern for modesty increased, and more pools and baths were built outside, people needed a place to change before swimming. Viola! The first cabanas were constructed to allow pool patrons to change in peace. Cabana derives from the Spanish word for cabin. These little cabins have had a major glow up from their beginnings as the first locker rooms.

Today, you will find cabanas on beaches, resorts, and in your own backyard. While cabanas are usually associated with pools, you do not need a pool to enjoy one on a Virginia Beach Patio; however, if a pool is something you are interested in, we may be able to help you out in the future.

What makes these cabanas so unique? K-banas by Azenco, are a pergola and cabana combined. With a traditional Pergola, you may not be able to close the roof louvers and the sides of the pergola are left open offering no protection from the elements. With our K-bana, you have wall and roof louvers that you can control. There is no such thing as too much or too little sun with the versatile K-bana. With protection from the elements, you can use your K-bana year round. Who doesn’t like a cup of tea outside while being sheltered from the rain? Immaculate vibes.

Virginia Beach Patios is the only certified dealer and installer of the K-Bana by Azenco in Virginia. This structure comes in 9 different sizes and has extendable post bases allowing for perfect installation on uneven ground. All of this can be installed in a few short hours! You do not need a permit, so you can just sit back and enjoy- perhaps with a Patio Press? Cheers!

Virginia Beach Patios hopes everyone had a wonderful Mothers Day weekend. If you dropped the ball on a gift, it is never too late to say thank you with a brand new K-bana. Give us a call to get started today! 757-305-4000!

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