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The Power of Outdoor Lighting

There are plenty of ways to spruce up your patio. A great option would be to add lighting to brighten up the space and create functionality at night. You can play with different layouts to emphasize certain features or illuminate a focal point, such as your pool or a garden.

Lighting doesn’t have to break the bank. A popular alternative to more expensive options would be string lights, or fairy lights. These are very commonly used around the holiday season as they are simple to put up as well as disassemble. But did you know string lights are a great (and cheap) way to brighten up your backyard year-round? String lights are extremely versatile; coming in different sizes, colors, and shapes. If you’re looking to just dip your toes into outdoor lighting, string lights are the way to go.

An environmentally friendly option for outdoor lighting would be solar powered lights. With solar technology evolving, these lights are extremely easy to install. Using solar powered rechargeable batteries, most products are typically wire free. Add solar lights to pillars, caps, and near entryways to create paths.

Landscape Lighting

You can really bring life to your project with small techniques such as accent lights, or go big with large outdoor light fixtures. Here at Virginia Beach Patios, we enjoy our InLite products for their versatility and quality. Our favorite Sway lights are great for gardens and tall grass to softly illuminate your landscaping. We also love InLite’s Hyde lights for steps and under caps. InLite makes lighting easy, with durable material that can resist all kinds of weather and debris. Some InLite products can even be installed into your driveway!

Lighting is not only an aesthetic upgrade; a well lit area is great for safety as well. With the added visibility, it is much easier to avoid injury in the dark. Ask a project manager today about adding a lighting estimate to your proposal or contact us for a rapid quote.


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