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What to Expect When You are Expecting-A Patio

This is a very special moment in your life. It is a privilege and something that maybe you have worked hard for and enjoyed doing so, or maybe this is something that caught you by surprise. Regardless, there are many questions about the unknowns of “patio-ing”.

So, how should you prepare for your upcoming patio?

Fortunately, you don’t have to attend any Lamaze classes or read lengthy books with graphic descriptions to get prepared as an expectant patio purchaser. We made it easy for you and summed up the process in 593 words; lending you the time to do more enjoyable activities.

Step 1: Call or Contact Online

It all starts with a phone call, or if you are in a hurry and can’t talk, you can fill-out an online inquiry form.

Step 2: Visit Our Showroom

Once you have scheduled a consultation, we recommend visiting our showroom to view our materials and products. You will also have an opportunity to speak to a designer on-site. This helps accelerate the planning and quoting process and it’s an awesome way to see the potential in your future patio.

Step 3: Consultation On-Site

One of our favorite parts of the whole process is visiting the home of the patio-to-be. There, we will take additional measurements and view the land to produce a proposal more accurately. After our visit, we will send you a quote within 48 hours, unless special pricing is required. In this case, our Project Manager will tell you when you should expect to receive the quote.

For information on digital renderings and design, check out our blog, Digitally Divine. This gives an excellent overview of the design process.

After sending our quote, we will follow up with you to make sure that you have received the proposal and to clarify any additional questions.

Of course, at any time in this process, we encourage you to call us with anything you need.

Step 4: Contract Signing

After everything is reviewed, additional changes made, and materials verified, you are ready to sign the contract! Congratulations! One step closer to patio perfection!

We will then send you a tentative work schedule.

Step 5: Project Scheduled

It is now time to secure permits, place the Miss Utility Ticket and order material. What is a Miss Utility Ticket? Its name comes from the original 1971 advertising campaign that prompted Virginians to “miss the utilities, call “Miss Utility” before you dig”. Basically, someone will need to come out to ensure digging is possible in the area we request.

Once we have the go ahead, we will schedule your project! We will also send a short questionnaire that confirms the details and materials for your project and outlines what to expect during installation.

Step 6: Installation

It is happening. The moment that you have been waiting for. Get ready to see some smiling faces as our crew works paver by paver to complete your patio. You will have a dedicated project manager on site that will communicate with you during the process.

How long? Each project is unique, and weather plays a role in installation. Therefore, it is hard to give general estimates; however, during the consultation, we will share estimated timelines that are custom to your project.

Step 7: Patio Parade

Our patio parade is simply a final walk through with you and the project manager. We are so excited to show you our hard work and to see your dreams fulfilled. We will answer any questions that you have and will have you sign off that your patio is complete and that you are HAPPY.

Step 8: Follow Up

10 weeks after you have been enjoying your patio, we come over for a party. Just kidding, but seriously we come back over. We like to make sure that the patio has settled properly, all appliances are working, the fire features are burning bright, lights are twinkling and water features flowing. We also may ask to take some pictures of your patio with its final furnishings and unique style you have added to it. This area has some exceptional properties, and we love showcasing how our patios complement them.

Are you ready?

Hopefully we helped navigate you through the customer experience. You are never alone during this process. We are experts in hardscape design and installation and take great pride assisting our customers to achieve the finest quality hardscapes in the area.

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