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When in Pompeii...

Patios have been around a long time. They originate from Roman courtyards and atriums and were made especially popular in Spanish architecture during the Renaissance. In fact, the word Patio is a Spanish word that the English language borrowed and never gave back (we love linguistic puns at VB patios).

However, not all patios have lasted throughout the years. We are all familiar with Pompeii, either from history class or getting soaked “escaping” Pompeii at Busch Gardens and then spending the duration of our trip wet and broke. The remarkable thing about Pompeii is that through the tragedy that ensued, we were left with some pretty well preserved structures and hardscapes. How so? Science…

The pyroclastic flow (hot ash) from Mt. Vesuvius covered everything in its path. The rain that followed (as a result of a volcanic eruption) reacted with the silica found naturally in the ash and created a cast around the objects it covered, preserving them for centuries.

At Virginia Beach Patios, we also have a way of preserving your patio that does not require a volcanic eruption, but still incorporates similar scientific processes.

After you have installed your patio, we generally recommend you seal your patio in order to ensure its longevity. Pavers are porous and will absorb everything, so sealing and maintaining them is a necessary part of your patio's life. The process is as follows:

Sealing your Patio

Over the course of a week typically:

Step 1 - Existing pavers are cleaned with an eco-friendly efflorescence cleaner and paver prep. Efflorescence occurs naturally when water leaves behind salt deposits on your pavers.

Step 2 - Polymeric sand or applicable joint material is filled. Remember that volcanic ash?! Polymeric sand contains silica, the same compound that is found in volcanic ash that was critical to creating a cast to seal and preserve the objects in which it covered. The sand here will help bond your pavers together.

Step 3- Color Boost Sealer is applied to pavers.Color boost is a penetrating protectant that boosts the original color of pavers, guards against stains, and repels contaminants. The application is a three step process that usually takes place in a week and is heavily dependent on weather and temperature.

Each step must start with existing pavers completely dry, so there will be a drying period before the next step can commence. Most steps take at least a day (sometimes two) to dry before the next step can begin. We will communicate with you throughout the scheduling process to ensure a smooth and pleasant experience.

Maintaining Your Patio

Unlike the preserved ruins at Pompeii, some attention will need to be given to your patio even after it has been sealed. It is not a Ronco Rotisserie Chicken oven- you absolutely cannot “set it and forget it”.

When you schedule maintenance with VB Patios we include labor and materials to complete a hardscape clean, polymeric touch up and we also remove any weeds, mold, or mildew that may have developed. Each maintenance package includes a full maintenance visit, as well as a free warranty follow-up and inspection while on site. This inspection includes ensuring paver areas, walls, steps, special features, etc. are not sinking or heaving. If necessary, repairs will be made or scheduled.

Our maintenance packages include the following:

Spring/Fall Package:

This maintenance package includes 2 visits; one scheduled in spring to open your hardscape for the patio season. The second visit is scheduled in the Fall to close your patio for the winter season. This inspection includes ensuring paver areas, walls, steps, special features, etc. are not sinking or heaving. If necessary, repairs will be made or scheduled. If a lighting package was included, lights will be changed for daylight savings.

All Seasons Package

In this package, we will come out at the beginning of each season (4 times a year) to perform the maintenance described above. Lights will be changed if necessary. You also have the option to have firewood delivered in the fall.

Monthly Package

We will come out once a month to perform maintenance described above. Lights will be changed accordingly.

All maintenance packages are priced per square foot and based on the condition of the existing pavers. It saves to maintain!

Just like patios have been around for centuries, we want your patio to last you just as long. While we can’t predict the weather, seismic activity, or natural disasters, we can prevent the wear and tear of your patio.

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