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XOXO from xohome

We love when customers tag us in pictures of their finished patios. One in particular, really caught our eye. This patio was reminiscent of a modern European terrace that had been styled impeccably- it was timeless, bright, and inviting-just like the duo that put it together.

As it turns out, the patio belonged to a customer of ours who, with her dear friend, recently launched a home designing company called xohome.

“It’s kind of like your home telling you, ‘I love you’”, laughs co-owner Ashley. “We really wanted you to feel the love in your space and love the space you are in. We have had so many clients speak about their dislike for their space and that broke our hearts because a home is where you should feel safe and loved”.

The duo got their start after Ashley, a designer by trade, helped her friend Emily design and style her recently purchased Victorian era home. “I was ready to get back into design and Emily would ask for advice and tips but, I quickly realized that she did not need any tips from me. I had never met anyone in my life who just had the eye for design like she did. When she had me over to see the house after it was completely finished, I was in tears. It was so beautiful.”

Ashley and Emily then decided to make it official and launched xohome in January 2021.

We had an opportunity to speak with xo’s Ashley Picard and have her share her style plan for her patio and some general best practices when it comes to styling a patio.

What was your game plan for designing the patio?

“Our backyard was essentially nothing and, for us, our starting point was considering the landscaping and nature first. You have to think about where you want your flower beds and grass and then what kind of lines you want your patio to have-curved or straight. You also have to consider if you want something more modern or traditional. You really need to work around your backyard and incorporate its unique layout and flora into your design. You can’t just plop down some random design. If there is a tree you want to highlight or a small garden already in place, these can be accentuated by the design of your patio. The patio is the frame to the already existing fine art in your backyard, so it it your job to pick the best fit”

How did you then decide on the color scheme, materials, and plants to incorporate?

“Because there is a lot of stone, I wanted to go with wood furniture and a wood pergola. The color palette derives from the patio itself and the plants in the yard. I pulled the color from the darker gray pavers that framed the patio and called that color out to go with the furniture: the dining chairs and the lounge chairs. And then the crisp white umbrella was really reminiscent of being in a beautiful restaurant or in another country. So clean and timeless. I placed large planters of Jasmine next to the pillars of the Pergola because eventually, it will grow through the pergola. The grown through jasmine and the string lights, which I absolutely love, will really give it an enchanted, warm feeling”

What stores are your favorite for patio furniture and accessories?

“There are so many it’s hard. I like Pottery Barn, West Elm, Crate and Barrel and even Home Depot has some great finds. It really just depends on your budget”

What design “don’ts” do you have?

“Cohesiveness is really important in design. A lot of people just piecemeal their patio- I bought this here and that there, and sometimes it works but, oftentimes it can look junky. Personally, the bright, unnatural colors like the neon oranges and blues, can take away from the inherent beauty of the patio, for me. I gravitate towards a timeless, natural look, that includes incorporating as much of the landscaping and existing color palettes into my design”

We really enjoyed getting to know Ashley and learning about xohomes. You can find them on Instagram @xo.home and view their website here. Please keep tagging us in your finished patio pictures!! We love to see each and every patio come to life with your unique touches!

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