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Virginia Beach Patios now installs container pools. 

Container pools can be installed in so many different ways! Pools can be installed above ground, below ground or even on the roof! Pools are set up on the day of arrival, use less chemicals, are sustainable, and durable. Unlike most conventional swimming pools, container pools are self-contained units. They are also portable.

Sizes Offered:

20'     30'     40'     45'


Standard width of the pools are 8' and come in two additional widths of 10' and 12'


Every container pool is controlled with your cell phone and come with an energy efficient heating system so you can enjoy your pool on cool nights.

Above Ground/Slopped Options:

Fully wrapped with a deck

Partially wrapped with a deck to expose a window High in the air, off a second floor deck

Container Pools come in 3 depths:

4.5'     6.5'     8'


Roof top Below Ground Options:

Partially in-ground with the top edge exposed

Partially in-ground as a retaining wall Buried completely below ground


Reusing or upcycling a shipping container that is beyond its useful life for shipping cargo, but still suitable for other purposes, is a great way to think and act green.

Additional Options:

  • LED Lights 

  • Automatic Chlorine Bromine feeder 

  • 4x8 Window

  • UV Water Sanitation System 

  • Automatic Pool Chemistry Management System

  • Wifi- Kits

  • Window 

  • Electric Child Safety Cover 

  • Electric Non Safety Cover  

  • Manual Pool Cover 

  • Endless Swim Jets 

  • BADU Swim Jets 

  • Custom Exterior Paint 

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